Do Only 3 Things to Increase Your Wisdom

Do Only 3 Things to Increase Your Wisdom

Some people are wise by birth and some have to struggle for it. In both cases they need some extra effort to maintain or increase their wisdom. Following three things are the main keys to enhance your wisdom.

1. Book Reading:

Red Books to Increase Wisdom

Never compromise on books. Books are treasure of wisdom. We must feel lucky being part of the era where ‘books’ exist. With books we can experience 75 year long life of a successful person, without actually living it. Books give information, new visions, motivations, learning, and big dreams. From Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, all are book lovers and there’s no need to say that they are wise. Last year resolution of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook Continue reading

How to be an Influencer as a Communicator?

How to Be an Influencer as a Communicator

Everybody is a communicator at one level or the other but not an influencer. How? Let’s know it.

Name any relation in this universe and it’ll be proven that ‘that relation’ makes the relative person a communicator. Teacher-student relationship, parents-child relationship, doctor-patient relationship, stranger to stranger relationship, relationship of humanity, boss-employee relationship, seller-buyer relationship, or any other alliance makes the involving individuals communicators.

As a communicator it’s very important to be an influencer. If you can’t influence others Continue reading

5 Most Practical Things to be Successful in Any Field of Life

5 Most Practical Things to be Successful in Any Field of Life
5 Most Practical Things to be Successful in Any Field of Life

Success cannot be defined in just a line or two. Its definition is comparative and varies from individual to individual. Because of its comparative nature it can’t be defined in a line or two. For a mother success definition is “the best bringing up of her children”, for a teacher it can be “producing outstanding students in their fields”, and for a student it can be “scoring highest marks in class”.

However one defines the term ‘success’, it’ll necessarily own following 5 characteristics. Continue reading

5 Things You are Losing in Social Media Race

5 Things You are Losing in Social Media Race

According to Pew Research Center 74% online adults are using social media websites where 71% use Facebook, 23% Twitter, 26% Instagram, 28% Pinterest, and 28% of these adults use LinkedIn. To be online to get knowledge, to complete projects, or to have a little extracurricular activities is good but when 71% of online adults are using Facebook it’s time to ponder that where our future generation is heading.

Social media was meant to be a source that helps people to get more social but today, it’s social media that’s making people very unsocial. If we take a moment of silence to ponder what we are getting from all these Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other famous social networking sites, the facts will come out very dangerous.

We all are the victims of this social media race where all social networking sites are in competition of becoming the best business and we, as a user, are happily acting as a puppet in their hands. Continue reading

7 Life-Threatening Habits in Disguise on SaversPoint

7 Life-Threatening Habits in Disguise

Most of the people whim of long and healthy life but they do not care about little but very important things to live a muscular life and thus they welcome harmful effects in their life leading to  short life time.

Let’s have a look on those 7 habits that are threat to your life!

1. Long Leave from Work:

Long Leave from Work

At times we get bored of monotonous life and to get some mind and physical rest we decide for long leave from work. It sounds wonderful and pleasant but ‘long’ leave from work is practically not healthy as so much rest can be harmful for your health. According to some experts resting longer period can impair your immune system.

 2. Watching Television:

Watching Television Affects Health

As per the report issued by British Journal Sports Medicine (BJSM), watching TV for one hour reduces your life up to 22 minutes. It means if your daily average timing for watching TV is 6 hours you can lose 5 years of your life. And it’s actually a big deal.

3. Oversleeping:

Oversleeping Issue

To sleep is essential for human being to have a normal healthy life. But a human’s life can reduce because of oversleeping. Sleeping more than 8 hours a day is damaging for health and if one can’t help Continue reading

Get Surrounded With Posative poeple

Golden Tips for a Debt Free Life Leading to a Rich Life (Part 2)

First Look for Second Hand:

Shop Second Hand

Whenever you decide to buy something look for second hand stuff before. There are many websites and apps like and that make you available with variety of used things on affordable and bargain price.

Keep Checking Your Store Room:

Check Store Room

Before shopping do not forget to check your store room. Many times that thing is already available. If you have used things in store room do think how you can reuse them. Like old water bucket can be used for floor or rice storage. Empty jam jars can be used as spices jars, and empty paint buckets can be used to grow plants.

Shop on Wholesale Price:

Shop  on Wholesale Price

Usually there are two kinds of markets; wholesale market and retail market. Wholesale market is always cheaper than retail market. Where ever you live find the wholesale market near your place. It will help you in saving money and buying more fresh stuff with longer expiry dates. In the same manner if you want to buy clothes prefer to shop from factory outlet where you can shop same dress on significant cheaper price. Continue reading

Golden Tips for a Debt Free Life Leading to a Rich Life (Part 1)

Debt Free Life

An American’s life without debts or bank loans sounds nothing more than a dream but it is not unrealistic at all. According to the statistics published in nerdwallet, in year 2015, in totality American consumers owe:

  • $11.85 trillion in debt that’s an increase of 1.7% from last year
  • $890.9 billion in credit card debt
  • $8.17 trillion in mortgages
  • $1.19 trillion in student loans that’s an increase of 7.1% from last year.

Despite the fact that America is a super power and ahead of many other countries in so many aspects, some facts are really disturbing. According to report released by the organization, End Homelessness, on a single night in January 2014, 578,424 people were experiencing homelessness and many poor populations are at the risk of homelessness. Reasons are many but mainly recognized reasons are housing cost burden and unemployment.

These facts and figures are painful as well as alarming. Almost everyone in this world has dream of a big house surrounded with colorful garden, lavish cars, the best education for one’s children, and resources to enjoy the best food in the town. In the society of two extremes both type of people can be found; one who are living this dream as reality and other who are sleeping on streets with dreams only in mind. The major difference between these two is of struggle. One followed the thrust and other just fantasized that.

The people who cry about debt once had enough money, and many people who are enjoying lavish living once did not had this all. The matter is not of time, it’s of planning. We all are not Kardashians and we do not have Kanye but by adopting some simple but golden rules of life we can save ourselves from being indebted and being among the homeless ones. And with a little more struggle we can make ourselves rich enough to live our dreams fully. Let’s have a look on some tips:

Make Up your Mind:

make up mind

Very first thing is to make up your mind that you really want a life that is debt free, where you cannot afford to be homeless and you have the courage and will power to face challenges and to compromise on so many things coming in your way to achieve the desired goals. Continue reading

News Media, Common Man, and Search for Peace

we want peace

We want to be updated and it is not the matter of today only. Since the creation of mankind human beings are always in search of information and have an urge of latest news and happenings in his surroundings. There can be many reasons behind this quest ranging from human nature to demand of society.  Staying updated fulfill man’s desire and give him the feel that he is not lacking behind in the modernization and fast pace of this world. While brain storming about anything or while having discussions in a social circle he wants to stay a step ahead and it is healthy in the most of cases. This has been the demand of time and will always be so as to groom opinions, play healthy roles in society, fly higher and invent better are always achievements and prides in the process of making this world more beautiful and better place to live in. And in all this process news play very much critical role.

According to oxford dictionary the meaning of news is “Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events.” And normally responsible citizens are always in knowledge of these. Very first organized way of news transmission was newspaper that is as old as 16th century. Later on radio and television also became very important news media.  With the advancement in technology and internet revolution e-newspapers, online news websites, blogs, and social media websites have become very important mediums for transmitting news. Now finding, displaying, analyzing, and discussing news is so competitive and impacts so powerfully that it’s known as media war with all of its pros and cons.

news media and search for peace

Let’s know 29 years old American’s views on today’s news media;

Q: How do you find news media role in today’s society?

Ans: Honestly saying watching news channels and reading newspapers, especially international news, makes me fall in depression. It feels like nothing good is happening and everyone is talking about war, terrorism, competition, hatred, and all dark sides. One says plus and other says minus. It feels like so much darkness that a little ray of light disappears in that. I am a common man and I want peace, peace of mind and heart. Continue reading

How to Avoid Post-Marriage Shopping Mistakes

Post Marriage Shopping

Undeniably there’s very much difference between pre and post marriage life. Along with the waves of love, trust, and relationship sweetness, post marriage living comes with more responsibilities and pressures as well. Now you plan for future and see many big dreams of having grand home surrounded with green floor or giving your children the best possible education and many more like these.

No doubt that one should live in today but it never means to close eyes to see ahead. Like present future also belongs to us and if we don’t plan for tomorrow our upcoming todays are not going to make us happy.

There’s a lot of shopping done before marriage. Okay that’s fine. But if we take some time to think about our spending patterns after marriage it’ll be obvious that most of the money is going for shopping and more shopping but in the charms and excitements of marriage this all is forgotten and later on we move to bank loans for our basic needs.  This article is for every single person who is concerned about his expenses after marriage life.

Understand and Decide Mutually:

Talk and Undertand Mutually

Once get married there are no more two separate lives but both share one life together and all decisions are to be taken and should be taken with mutual understanding. And while planning about future and savings one must not ignore shopping pattern part. We, most of the time, overshadow and neglect the importance of this tiny but actually the major part of our living hood. Listen each other, discuss its importance, accept the facts, and then decide a shopping plan for up your coming life. Define the definition of your needs, your daily routine items, and at least twice in a year revise your plan.

Brand & Price Comparison:


Once you have decided your basic needs now this is very important to compare prices of similar products in different brands and store. Let suppose you want to buy milk and really like ABC brand for milk and you buy it from the Walmart that costs you $4 for 0.5gal. Now see the other side. May be there is XYZ milk that is more healthy and tasty at the same store or the same ABC milk is $3.25 at Kroger. Here comes the question why to trouble your mind for just 75cents? And here comes the answer that every single drop contributes to make a sea and the same manner every single penny matters to result in huge savings amount.

Never Shop Without List and Budget Goal:

Shopping List

Unplanned hangouts usually leave with good memories but unplanned shopping never. Always remember to list the things you need to buy for that day, week, or month and before leaving home recheck if that list is with you or not. Do check the items you already have so that you get perfect idea of what you really need specially your grocery and clothes. To shop without list results in waste of  precious time and hard earned money. Continue reading

How To Hinder Your Negative Thoughts

Hinder Your Negative Thoughts

Starting with the belief that life is in our hands and we are not living in the world that is merely an odd sequence of happenings that occur involuntarily. Human being is the best of God’s creations. He’s powerful than a lion and dangerous than an anaconda. He’s Einstein, Galileo, Newton, Nelson Mandela, and many more then how the little worries or negative thoughts can conquer such giant creation.

Whatever happens to us is mostly the result of our thoughts, sayings, and actions. Just by playing with our brain we can pattern our lives. Once you are done with leading your mind, you are ready to lead your life. But it’s not as easy as it feels, neither that difficult as we deem.

We are always surrounded with some kind of energies, sometimes positive and most of the times negative. Negative energies stop you from growing up and you lose motivation to prosper in life. For motivation you can read article “How to regain motivation – A story”. Here we’ll move forward with very practical and long lasting 6 tips to hinder negative thoughts.

6 Tips To Hinder Your Negative Thoughts

1. Wake Up Your Gratitude’s Inner:

Wake Up Your Gratitude Inner

To be thankful for what you have is globally accepted and much appreciated way to hinder negative thoughts. This is really easy to adopt and follow. If you listen to, or read any prosperous, happy person on this planet earth, they mostly have very humble and grateful approach about life. Every morning listen to them or read them. They make you feel  gratitude towards minor things in life that you might hadn’t noticed before, like having both of your feet to walk on, having eyes to see with, having home to live in, even having headphones to listen music. This ‘thankful’ energy will rest with you throughout the day.

Each morning when you wake up or before going to bed, ponder a bit and write down every possible thing that you feel exalted by in your life. This will dramatically transform your pattern of thinking from down to so much up.

2. Repeat Positive Asseveration:

Repeat Positive Assertions

Do not rush in your mind. Think calmly and throughout the day tell your mind one positive asseveration or affirmation. This can be very simple, like “I am beautiful.” Every time when you feel something bad coming up, simply discharge it and replace the negative energy with that positive asseveration.

It needs consistency and practice, but following this method every day a month will leave you with wonderful difference in your thinking manner.

3. Stay Busy Constructively:

Stay Busy Constructively

It is said, “An idle brain is the devil’s workshop”. And devil never leaves you with positive energy. Keep your mind busy in constructive activities or tasks in order to hold vibrancy and sharpness. This can be anything, like you can hang out with uplifting people, work out, go to yoga classes, volunteer at your community garden or local pets shelter, or any other thing you like and will boost positivity in your personality.   Continue reading