Practical Approaches to Make Money Online With Home Comfort – (Part 2)

Sorry for late posting. Here are the remaining practical approaches for online money making.

Website Testing:


I got to know about this online service when, years back, my friend wanted to have opinions on what freelancers thought of his coupons website.

This is relatively new approach to earn online but you can find pretty much websites which pay you to test the website, one of them is User Testing. This website pays $10 for single website that you review, and $15/website for mobile test.

In this job you just have to visit person’s website , navigate around it, keep saying what you are liking or disliking, recommend if you feel some changing are required and more. While your visit on person’s website all will be recorded whatever you are talking and running on your screen.

For this online job you do not need to be so technical. They just want real people who review websites to know what people actually think.

Providing Consultancy:


Most of us do own some skills that can benefit others. Something enough valuable that other can pay for learning from you.

It its really so then next way to earn money online is to turn into a consultant. This covers very broad area which can ranges from teaching people how to increase profits, how to decrease expenses, how to find potential customers, how to manage time, and more.

For this job you will need to have internet, laptop, phone, and a resource to allow you to make video calls.

Sale Online:


If you have an art to produce something at home, or have selling skills as a mediator between producer and consumer, you own a big potential to make money online.

There exist many website like eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, and infinity others, where your products can be sold online by you.

To sell your items online you will need internet, laptop, camera, and, for sure, your finished products.

Tutoring Online:


On the grounds of your knowledge and potential, you can outset your private tutoring business or can join/sign up for tutoring websites which help you in finding clients for you. There are plenty of topics you may be tutor for, including science, different languages, history, aptitude exams, math, and many others.

Answering the surveys:


Pinecone Research is a survey company I had used. They used to pay me $5/survey, that’s, of course, not big amount. But they also periodically sent free things as well.

It’s, of course, not going to make you rich but it’s a humble way to have a little side income just by sitting at home and answering some questions online.

Creating Blog:


The best was saved for the last! By keeping in mind, it is neither easy nor quick way to get rich it can give a lot to you if you put your heart and soul to it.

Blogging can help you in making money online through sponsor ships, partnerships, advertising, reviews, affiliate marketing, e-courses, and more.

You can find torrent of domains of your choice on in just $9.99 and start blogging completely free.

Practical Approaches to Make Money Online With Home Comfort – (Part 1)


Who does not whim of ease in life? Almost everyone does. And the concept of ease in making money senses like an ultimate attraction. Here I’ll mention the 10 different ways to help YOU in making money online.

In the online galaxy there are so many legitimate ways to draw full-time living or at least part of your living. Besides the cake of earning money online there are associated treats of being location independent, decrease in business expenses, and working from home.

Me, and many of my friends are having crowns of online income generation. Below I will be sharing with you approaches to make money online. And you never know how any of these ways might lead you towards an entrepreneur life. Consistency and determination are the conditions.

Helping People with their CVs:

Closeup of resume with glasses and pencil on blue background

Sometimes back I interviewed a girl who was running online resume business. She mentioned and showed to me how one can earn side money through helping others create strong resumes fruitful for landing their future job. Continue reading

Basic Coupons Knowledge for a Beginner

Your presence on Saver’s point is evident of your familiarity with the term “Couponing”. When I entered in the coupon world I was so astray and just directly jumped into collecting coupons and savings of just one or two dollar was in fact a treat for me but gradually I realized to be knowledgeable to get more out of it. I started studying about coupon world from the root and found myself more confident in finding, utilizing and saving much out of the coupons available, as it’s said by Benjamin Franklin that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Apparently this fundamental coupon knowledge might seem like so basic and not necessary but being a successful couponer it’s my faith that without all this being in my knowledge I could never be a successful Couponer. Here let me recall a bit of my knowledge to help you in making your couponing and saving journey lucrative.

Coupon term was first introduced back in 1887 by Coca Cola Company in Atlanta and coupons were mailed to the potential customers and were also published in magazines. After that this term was wide spread in 1909 in America and then the story went on.

This ticket is believed to be the very first coupon ever

This ticket is believed to be the very first coupon ever


Literal meaning of Coupon is “a voucher entitling the holder to a discount off a particular product” and in marketing world, “a coupon is a ticket or document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product”.

Couponing and Couponer:

Now come to the term “Couponing”. When you are a business man couponing is issuance and distribution of coupons or vouchers offering discounts on the some particular product or service.  And as a consumer collection and usage of coupons or vouchers offering discounts is called Couponing. And such consumer is known as Couponer.

Here we will move on as a consumer (Couponer). This term is only refers to those who strive to save money and where couponing is the major of all saving techs. Continue reading

My Ultimate Saving Loyality

Save Now, Spend Later!

In a serene silent evening, sitting at a nook of my home, hearing the sound of rain, holding a cup of hot coffee, having a notepad and pen in front me, I found myself pondering to define and explain my ultimate saving loyalty. During this engrossing transition process I passed through the stages when I was a toddler in saving world, then learnt to walk in it and then started running through it but , from every edge, I could find Only this one phrase to define and explain my saving loyalty:

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” –Warren Buffett

My all explanations and saving stories are summed up in this one line quote.

What’s your saving loyalty? Is that ultimate to you?


Hello Saver!

Welcome to the Saver’s Point. The point that  welcomes you, you and you too, as in a manner or the other you all are savers who groove on to save time and money. And why not? Life is brief and you have to live it up by saving now and spending then, and we are proudly at you service.